Every time you purchase a brand new shared website hosting plan, it's generated on a server and the process typically takes some time, in addition to the validation and processing of your fee, which many companies perform personally. When you acquire a dedicated server, for example, the configuration takes longer since the machine needs to be built, installed and tried to make sure that it will work efficiently. Because of this, a lot of providers have a one-time charge so as to cover the time and efforts devoted to your brand new account. The charge, which can sometimes be high, is often not listed on the front page, yet you'll notice it on your checkout or payment page, thus you won't be familiar with it before you've already completed the whole signup process and you may even miss it unless you pay attention.

Setup Fee in Shared Website Hosting

Our shared website hosting packages do not have any setup costs or any other obscured charges as a rule. If you purchase an account, we'll process your payment immediately so the account will be created and activated from our system instantly. The total cost that you will be required to pay for your website hosting plan will be the same everywhere - on your front, order & payment pages, and you won't find or have to pay anything in addition to that cost at any time. This is valid irrespective of whether you obtain numerous accounts since it's our understanding that creating trust is far more important than receiving a few more dollars. The account activation is instant, which means that you are able to go ahead and begin setting up your sites right away.

Setup Fee in Dedicated Servers

Our dedicated web hosting plans don't have any installation or other concealed charges. Through the registration process, you'll pay only the monthly rate for the plan that you've selected. When you submit your order, we will put together and test your brand new machine, and then we will install all of the software that you will need so as to have a completely operational server - Operating System, web hosting Control Panel when you have picked one, web server, MySQL, and so on. All these duties are a part of the package and they come for free, which means that the signup payment and all your forthcoming renewal payments will be equivalent. If the server is equipped with our Hepsia hosting Control Panel and you curently have a shared website hosting account from our company, we will even transfer all of your content on your brand new server for free.